‘Technology is providing us with the power to address the growing problem of inequality’


-Daniel Franklin, Editor of Megatech, 2017


Digital (In)Equality is a blog about ICT4D, aid work and communicating (for) development. In our posts we will be exploring, discussing and sharing knowledge on key debates and issues around digital technologies, aid, ICT4D and development communications.


We are a group of students at Malmo University and this blog has been created as part of Communication for Development MA programme. Find out more about us here.



Why Digital (In)Equality?


Technology simultaneously has the power to address global inequalities, and to create them,  and in the age of big data, technological advancements are happening at a faster rate than ever before.


The term ‘Digital Divide’ is often used to describe differences in access to modern ICT technologies. But we wanted to explore beyond this. With the term ‘Digital Inequality’ alongside differences in technology access we will also explore global disparities in digital representations, knowledge and ICT education.


Why then Digital Equality? Digital communications and ICT4D have the potential to challenge inequalities too. How? Find out by reading our posts, following us on Twitter and joining our conversation.