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In this video, Laura Walker Hudson from FrontlineSMS – we wrote about the organization in an earlier blog post on radio in the digital world – explores the challenges of innovating using ICTs to provide solutions for international development and asks: why is it so hard to try something new in ICT4D?



Then there are complex issues: risks, data ownership, data security, open data, interoperability, open source or not open source (…) And behind it all, what happens if this technology isn’t as transformative as we think? What happens if the data shows us something we’re not prepared for? Not all technology is good or well built and even when it is, it just doesn’t work in every setting.

So what do you think? How difficult is it to innovate in international development, using ICTs? And how is this urge to always innovate impacting not only development organizations but also the very people these organizations seek to help? Let us know what you think!