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Welcome to Volte-face!




an act of
turning round so as to face in the opposite direction.


an abrupt
and complete reversal of attitude, opinion, or position.

remarkable volte-face on taxes”

This blog already has an expiring date. It is not meant to take over the blogosphere of social movements and online activism. No, this blog will for a few weeks dig deeper into the social movements we don’t know and analyse the ones we do.

During its lifespan, this blog will provide you with critical discussions on the actual offline results of online efforts made by social movements, allow fruitful interactions with you who is visiting us and introduce you to the indigenous movements you’ve never heard of before.

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Activism can be a sensitive matter. Working for various governmental bodies, international development organisations and local municipalities, we will not tell you our names and are blogging under pseudo names. We are, however, a widely spread bunch of ComDev students, with a joint interest in social movements and online activism.