Daniel Brumund

Passionate about bringing digital to development with a background in online communication and PR. I’m interested in exploring practical applications of ICTs in development projects and how they promote participatory modes of communication and development. Avid traveler, explorer and wannabe photographer.


Mirna Franic

Shy but communicating! Really into  and how ICTs can improve food systems, especially in nutrition and rural-to-urban transformations. A wannabe surfer, but much more confident on solid ground with beach volleyball. @mirnafranic

Karin Jonson

I have a background in environmental economics, but moved into science communication a few years ago. Working for a global network of environmental economists, I am particularly interested in data availability in the global south. Amateur chef, happy to feed my fellow beings.


Sean O'Toole

Originally from a theatre background, and moved gradually into media production and data analytics. I’m interested in exploring empowerment through original and innovative storytelling forms in relation to poverty and marginalization.

milk flower girl


Failed maths in grade school and since then grateful to those who make statistics understandable to ordinary people. Uses herself as a measurement of the ordinary person… Trevor Noah makes her laugh and academics who talk over other people’s heads make her cry.


Diana Waruhiu

Started off by selling living space then transitioned to selling air space on radio. Advertising and communication greatly influenced my interest in communication for development where I would like to exploit ICT to the benefit of women and children in the global south in regard to health and empowerment. Running is fun for me but that comes easy when your country of origin produces the best runners in the world.

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