About Us

Marit is writing about disaster prevention in the Pacific / Indonesia / Philippines. She is located in Australia and has a background in international relations and criminal law. She has worked for the European Union and United Nations in Cambodia. Besides working on a daily-basis in foreign affairs, she also undertakes a part-time Master’s degree in Communication for Development at Malmö University.


Max is mainly writing about social conflicts in Latin America. He is a sociologist by training with a degree from the University of Lund in Sweden. Furthermore he  has studied Philosophy, Gender Science and Law at the University of Umeå of Sweden. He has a wide experience from international NGOs and multi-national companies. He has worked in Sweden, Spain and Latin America and is currently a student at Malmö University’s Masters program in Communication for Development.


Jay is writing about media, health and education in Africa. He is originally from Australia and currently residing in Sweden. In the past 20-years he gained working experience in three major industries: media, health care and education in the private and public sector.  His interests and career has focused both in communications, project management & public speaking.


Laura is writing about natural disasters in South East Asia. She is an environmental scientist and science communicator from the Netherlands. She gets energy from building bridges between people and organizations to solve wicked problems in water management and nature conservation. At present, she is investigating the benefits and challenges of new ICT and public participation methods in environmental management in Asia.