Links We Love: 4 October

Every Friday the Quartet chooses from media we’ve consumed this week.

How to use brown people to illustrate a story about overpopulation

An older post that only came to my attention yesterday on Twitter. Eye opener on the small things we do as communicators – journalists, marketeers, advocates – that perpetuate and reinforce racism.



Digital Security Training

ICT can be both, a blessing and a curse for Human Right Defenders. Peace and Justice developed a series of video tutorials to help Human Right Defenders mitigate the risks of digital technologies and to use them to their full potential.



Aid Worker Podcast

I just got into podcasts recently and this is an interesting one from UNHCR about humanitarian aid workers. Each episode features one aid worker’s story and provides both insights into their work but also the countries they worked in. 



How AgTech is changing East African economies

‘AgTech,’ the use of digital technologies and data to enhance the agriculture industry’s output and productivity, is making East African economies stronger in many ways — but it may come at a cost to gender equality. AgTech tools aren’t as accessible to women as they are to men in many parts of East Africa, meaning the gender gap in agricultural earning potential is growing.