Links We Love: 19 October

Every Friday the Quartet chooses from media we’ve consumed this week.


Creating comics to capture female solidarity in Afghanistan

In Afghan hospitals for women, photographs are often unwanted. When Doctors without Borders nevertheless felt they had to share the stories of women supporting each other during birth, as well as their own work in Afghanistan, they turned to one of the oldest medias of this world: drawings. The outcome is one of the most beautifully told stories I ever read – Please have a look!


The one writing skill you must master

An Ode to the Full Stop in the age of writing as we speak. I’m always looking for ways to make my written communication sharper, be it in a email or op-ed, and this BBC article came to reinforce my belief in the potential of the full stop to deliver just that.



Famine and the machine

Can big data help solve famine? A new multi-billion dollar venture is banking on ‘yes,’ though critics say famine relief requires political will, which isn’t always there. World Bank president Jim Yong Kim says relief aid typically begins only “when pictures of starving children appear on television,” but a proactive response–specifically a new digital initiative called Famine Action Mechanism–could save millions of lives and would cost donors up to 30 percent less than a last-minute scramble.


Evaluating C4D Resource Hub

An in-depth resource of different evaluation techniques especially for C4D. Takes a look at a range of approaches, themes and tools to help with the evaluation process. It also includes links to events and a blog for up to date information.