Links We Love: 26 October

Every Friday the Quartet chooses from media we’ve consumed this week.


Radi-Aid has a new Research Project

Ever wondered what the people on our aid posters would say if they would be able to speak? Well, now you will find out because the amazing Radi-Aid is back with a new research project where they asked focus groups in southern Africa what they think about their online representation. The research will be published on 1 November, but they have recently released a sneak peek – Have a look!



The Drum Beat Newsletter

The Drum Beat is the newsletter of the the Communication Initiative, a partnership that convene the communication and media development, social and behavioural change community for more effective local, national, and international development action. There are over 100.000 members. Each newsletter is full of resources, think-pieces and opportunities.



Africa is helping the drone industry get off the ground

Drones are controversial for good reason. But they also deliver good to developing countries, such as vaccines in remote areas. Development agencies and governments are increasingly using drones for aid, so much so that it is driving the drone industry in Africa.



Photos Depict Migrants as They Would Rather be Seen

NPR’s Goats and Soda (one of my favourite places for development stories) presents a range of photographers and their ambitions to promote more holistic representations of migrants lives. These types of alternative narratives to those of death and destruction play an important role in humanising people. The photos will be featured in an exhibition in New York until July next year.