(video) Advice for Newcomers to Communication for Development

In our first group chat the Quartet discusses some of our best advice for getting into the communication for development industry.



If you have any advice for people just starting out or have any questions for the Quartet about their experiences, let us know in the comments below or start a conversation on Twitter 

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  1. Ludvig Perman

    Hello Quartet 4 Development! I really enjoyed this group chat for a number of reasons:

    – The discussion was pedagogical and well-organized.
    – The length of the video was suitable for the forum.
    – The dialogue was clear and to the point.
    – The discussion did not come off as too scripted nor did I experience any hickups in the video which made it very enjoyable for me as a viewer.

    Your different experiences and skillsets really contributed nicely to the overall purpose of the video – to provide career advice for newcomers in the field. This video certainly speaks to a lot of young people and provides a lot of valuable takeaways.

    My only remark would be that perhaps the title of the video is a little misleading as I perceive the advice to be quite targeted towards people seeking employment in the UN/major NGOs rather than social enterprises/CSR departments/consultancies/research etc.

    My personal input to the discussion – I believe an open mindset and an entrepreneurial approach to be highly important, not only for aid workers but for the industry as a whole.

    Well done!

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