About us

We’re four women at different stages of our international development careers.

Here we’ll share reflections on the intersection of communication, development and information technology trends. How does digital communication support development? How does information technology influence communication? Do communication and information technology adversely affect development? Our perspectives on questions like these – along with professional development musings and the highs and lows of working in the nonprofit sector – are what you’ll find here.We aim to provide insights on working at the crossroads of communication and development in a digital era to anyone entering the development communications field. We also hope to connect with established aid workers who have a curiosity in how communication dovetails and enhances international development work.

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The Authors

Portuguese in Geneva

Alex has over 15 years’ experience in communications but is a relative newcomer to international development. It had always been her end-goal, but she took a detour to Brussels, where she provided public relations advice to major European trade associations and businesses that work closely with the European Union. She currently works for the United Nations in the area of water, sanitation and hygiene, where she proudly fights for shit and menstruation to become dinner-table conversation topics.






Australian in Landskrona (Sweden)

Jamie grew up in country Australia before moving to the city to study journalism and international relations. These studies fueled a love of communications and an interest in the impact of grassroots NGOs. After moving to Sweden for love, Jamie took an unexpected turn into education working as a student assistant. She continued towards her goal of working in communications by volunteering as a communications officer at a local NGO before studying Communication for Development. Media representation, human rights education and the complexities and contradictions of development fascinate her. She is now working as a communications intern at the  Raoul Wallenberg Institute for Human Rights and hopes to build a career in communications within the  development sector.


Austrian in Jerusalem

Growing up in Vienna, Iuna started her journey into the development sector as a photographer. Eventually, this led her to the Middle East where she realized that some narratives are so complex that they can be dismantled by an image alone. She then pursued an undergraduate degree in International Studies where she developed a true love for the region and the Arabic language. While she is curious about the nexus between conflict and development, she never lost her interest in media. Communication for Development allows her to combine these elements and to explore how conflict not only affects development but also development communication. Currently, Iuna lives in Jerusalem where she works as a trainee for the European Union.







American in Bangkok

Maia has worked across the communications sector providing public affairs and corporate social responsibility guidance to local governments in Washington state, NGOs and large companies alike. Upon moving to Bangkok, Maia transitioned to international development communications, helping craft and spread the stories of her clients’ initiatives. She develops and implements communications strategies and content for programs measuring violence against women prevalence in Asia and the Pacific, a major Thai fishing company’s sustainability strategy, and preventing violent extremism in Asia and the Pacific, among other projects. She is intrigued by how communication plays a role in changing behaviors and social norms, and is thus pursuing a degree in communications for development.