ICT4DD In Action: Caribbean Telecommunications Union

Welcome to the final post of my 3 part mini series “ICT4DD in Action”. In the first two posts, we explored some examples of how ICTs are impacting the lives of people living with disabilities in Ghana and in Cambodia. In both of these examples, I focused on the use of ICTs by NGOs, so for a little change of pace in this final article I will be focusing on the Caribbean Telecommunications Union.

Very little has been written on disability in the Caribbean, and even less statistical data can be found. So I found myself at a loss in drawing any conclusions on overall trends of disability in the region. Some countries do seem to have legislation mandating access for the disabled to public buildings and transportation, though there is very little information available on programmes targeting the disabled. I also found very few organizations that focussed on helping persons with disabilities. It seems to me that persons with disabilities in the Caribbean have historically been quite invisible. This does seem to be changing however, alongside a global trend of recognizing this historically invisible minority group. The Caribbean Telecommunications Union has been active in raising awareness and creating accessible solutions for those living with disabilities.

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ICT4DD in Action: Krousar Thmey Cambodia

Welcome to post 2 of 3 in my mini series ‘ICT4DD in Action’! If you missed my first post, where we zoned in on Ghana, then you may be wondering what ICT4DD is. It stands for Information Communication Technology for Development and Disabilities. This time, we are going to take a close up look at Cambodia’s blind population. But first, I think we need to take a step back for a moment. Continue reading “ICT4DD in Action: Krousar Thmey Cambodia”

ICT4DD in Action: VSO Ghana

Welcome to the first of three posts in my mini series “ICT4DD in Action”. The extra ‘D’ in the acronym is no typo- it adds to the typically seen ICT4D to make ‘Information and Communications Technologies for Development and Disabilities”. This series will let us dive in and take a look at how current aid organizations are using ICTs to help those living with disabilities today. ICTs are critical to those living with disabilities, and are key to breaking the cycle of poverty for those living in developing countries.

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