Sep 18


Have you heard about #MeTwo? Yes, you’ve read correctly. It says #MeTwo, not #MeToo. If you don’t happen to live in Germany you might not be aware of it. So what is it all about?

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Sep 18

Drones – The New Watchdogs for Environmental Activism


Drones have been around longer than you think. Perhaps not in the compact, commercial, radio-controlled versions you see whizzing around lakes, over coastlines and above marathons that you see today, but as “unmanned aerial vehicles” (UAVs), we can look back to the mid-nineteenth century to find their origins. In 1849, Austrian forces besieging Venice used balloons carrying timed-fuse explosives to bombard the city. The attack was mostly a debacle, as wind changes forced many balloons off-target with some drifting back over their own lines – however at least one fell into the city. We have our first instance of aerial bombardment by drone! In the 21st Century, UAV’s are now directed by ‘pilots’ who, from the comfort of their own headquarters, use consoles to steer drones and attack targets using ‘surgical strikes’ in far-away countries, regardless of the international rules governing sovereignty or ethical implications of automating warfare in this way. Continue reading →

Sep 18

Digital Inequality grows in Africa, but authorities are worried about access!

If most Africans are unconnected to the Internet, why the sudden urge to restrict access by African Leaders? Perhaps the online organisers are doing something right!

Zimbabwe Social Media Protest

Source: https://www.bbc.com/news/world-africa-36776401

Internet access in Africa is growing, but still lags far behind the rest of the world. According to Internet World Stats 35.4% of people access the internet on the continent compared to 54.4% globally. However, even these figures hide unequal distribution; they include the South Africa with a rate of 53.7% and Morocco with 62.4% which contrast with Eritrea, DRC and Niger with rates of less than 5%. Continue reading →

Sep 18

Welcome to the Group 6 Blog

A general theme was agreed to examine how inequalities in access to ICT4D infrastructure and knowledge influences activism in the digital age. Much has been written about how the ‘digital divide’ between and within rich and poor countries impacts on an individual’s ability to engage effectively and competitively in political and economic life. But how does it effect social movements and activism? Does the digital divide work for or against grassroots organisations trying to make an impact on the political landscape? Does it advantage some grassroots organisations whilst disadvantaging others?

A provisional/working title for the blog is “Bridging the Digital Divide”. Perhaps with a subtitle of ‘Activism in an age of Digital Inequality’ . A title page could include something like a bridge image with a connected 1st world city and disconnected 3rd world city either side.

Blog postings will aim to explore this conceptual framework of activism and the digital divide within the context of specific themes for which each blogger will be effectively a ‘correspondent’. The purpose of this is to provide as much free artistic/investigative license to the blogger as possible but within a common framework so as to harness the individual expertise and experience of group members.