About Group 6

Ashley Baker

Ashley has an interest in environmental justice and the way local and global communities are adopting technologies ranging from drones to social-media platforms to enhance activism against environmental degradation and combat dangerous levels of anthropogenic climate change. Ashley is based in the post-soviet south Caucasus country of Armenia, which has recently undergone a ‘velvet’ revolution leading to a transitional government,  underpinned by significant political and democratic change. Ashley will be observing how ICT, particularly social media content, will affect this.

Eibhlin Ni Chleirigh

Eibhlin, who is Irish has lived in Ghana for 24 years. She has a background in Graphic Design, Communications and Knowledge Management. She worked with UNICEF as part of their communications team in Malawi, Zimbabwe and Ghana. Since leaving UNICEF she has worked in public and private organisations. She is an activist on social justice and inequality issues and an officer of the Humanist Association of Ghana.

Jessica Eng

Jessica has experience with UNICEF, UNA-Sweden and refugee coordination. In the blog she will focus on topics like gender and masculinity in relation to new media and activism. She is passionate about human rights and traveling

Tim Glaesener

Tim has an international media background. Based in Germany he will particularly focus on activism in the ‘Global North’ and take a closer look at the role and impact of new media.