About the Blog

This blog aims to explore how inequalities in access to ICT4D infrastructure and knowledge influence activism in the digital age. Much has been written about the way the ‘digital divide’ between and within rich and poor countries impacts on an individual’s ability to engage effectively and competitively in political and economic life. But how does it effect social movements and activism? Does the digital divide work for or against grassroots organisations trying to make an impact on the political landscape? Does it advantage some grassroots organisations whilst disadvantaging others?

We aim to explore this conceptual framework of activism and the digital divide within the context of specific themes – environment, gender, campaigning, and information inequity, with each bloggers  focussing on a specific theme. Furthermore, bloggers will offer a specific geographical focus covering both developed and developing nations – Northern and Central Europe, Africa, and the south Caucasus, to explore whether ICT4D is helping to widen or bridge the digital divide.