About us

The big deal with big data

We are a randomly but happily selected group of people living in Olso, London, Copenhagen and Munich united by the common desire to understand the complexities of ‘Big Fat Data’ and its roles in the development arena. Through weekly conversations about data for development, we hope to discover what is working and where, where the blind spots are and what the implications of these are on the ground; in an inquisitive and candid way.

We will bring you real stories that feature the fears, dangers and opportunities that data brings to development (but not necessarily in that order). Through our research, discovery and possible banter we aim to co-construct meaningful understandings about this trending yet serious phenomenon. Join us, like us, comment, agree or disagree, read and share!

Sara escriba cuevas

I am a Spanish/American human living in Munich, Germany and studying ComDev at Malmo University. I’ve worked in business, development and education and am realizing just how connected they all are. I love learning, writing, debating and eating Vietnamese food – lots of it.

Samar Riaz

I am originally from Pakistan, live in the UK, married to a German, have two children and am about to move to Austria for research and PhD – in the Business/NGO collaboration discourse. For me, academically, ComDev at Malmo University is one of the most interesting and rewarding programs that I have ever done.

Emanuel bissila foukou

I am of Congolese and Swedish descent and have been working with communication since 2010. Five years in Israel as a Communications Officer, along with two years as a Communications Consultant for UNFPA in the Republic of Congo. Currently based in Oslo with an interest in humanitarian innovation, big data, and its effects on the developing world.

Lan Yu Tan

The importance of big data is irrefutable. Being a digital marketing professional, I see the ways in which companies, big and small, appropriate social data for financial gain. It’s a troubling development and I hope to explore the issue in this blog through conversations with my fellow bloggers. With a background in journalism and communications, I live in Copenhagen, Denmark and am thrilled to be a part of the learning environment of ComDev and Malmö U.  I’m a night owl who enjoys reading, baking and eating cake.