Author: <span>Bjela Prossowsky</span>

Confessions of a digital immigrant Part 2: Is connecting really easy?

    2019 I wake up, go to the kitchen to have a coffee still three hours to go to work and I would like to go jogging. This week I will work for three different customers as a freelance video editor. I switch on my mobile phone that went …

Confessions of a digital immigrant – Part 1: The 70s and 80s

– Personal reflections on the development of communication and it’s technology throughout my life – On the occasion of the 30th anniversary of the World Wide Web and the associated discussions about the hopes and visions that this technology would bring with it and the current reflections about the dangers …

International Women’s Day: Honour the Female Workers

This article is dedicated to the garment factory workers of Cambodia.       If you look at the history of International Women’s Day, textile workers play an important role.

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