Amba is a Ghanaian writer/editor in the Communication and Public Relations Department of the African Development Bank in Abidjan. She has over 15 years of journalism and communications experience with the Associated Press and DowJones Newswires in West Africa and has worked for UNICEF and UNAIDS.

She’s lived and worked on four continents including a year in Somalia working for the UN and the African Union. She is passionate about development on her continent – especially the complexities of politics, socio-cultural environments, relations with the “developed” world and always, the women’s stories.



Bjela is working as a video editor and filmmaker for over 20 years for several TV stations and independent projects. Since 2009 she is the chairwoman of a Berlin based association that initiates and documents art and socio-cultural projects. Somehow a philanthropist with a wide range of interests and the aim to bridge contrasts and prove the practicability of academic concepts.


Laura hails from Ireland and is a communications specialist interested in development, aspiring to be a development specialist with an interest in communication. Laura has worked for UN agencies and NGOs in Ireland and in the Pacific region. She is currently working in multilateralism, focused on international financial institutions.


Robyn is working with a UN Agency. Having worked within various programmes predominantly with migrants situated within the Australian and Asia Pacific region over the past 10 years, Robyn’s interest is exploring possibilities of eliminating slavery like practices enhanced by a connected world of demand and supply.  Her magnet is social justice.

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