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International Women’s Day: Eye on the Devpt Space -Change a life in pj’s, while you sleep?

It’s ReigningWomen…and other “empowerment” slogans March 8, International Women’s Day, is a special day in the calendar for women worldwide as the status of women across the globe is highlighted and celebrated, analysed and debated. Much progress has been made in some areas, but millions of women worldwide are still far …

International Women’s Day: Ending harmful social norms and valuing women and girls

  [youtube][/youtube]   While some may criticise it as the commercialisation of women’s issues, others see International Women’s Day as a way to refocus attention on issues that continue to block women’s progress. To highlight one such issue, the Overseas Development Institute (ODI), hosted a live-streamed conversation on International Women’s …

International Women’s Day: Honour the Female Workers

This article is dedicated to the garment factory workers of Cambodia.       If you look at the history of International Women’s Day, textile workers play an important role.

Forced marriage……. Is criminalisation the answer to elimination?

                The concept of forced marriage as a human rights violation is not universal. Dear interested readers, As a virgin blogger, I introduce my first of a compilation of blogs forthcoming which will explore the impact of global communication upon fundamental human rights …

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