Caroline Ulvros:

I’m a Swede living in Malmö while working as a guide in Lund. Since I work in a church, I frequently meet to a lot of interesting perspectives and have many opportunities to discuss all aspects of life and society. I have my academic background in political science and human rights studies.

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Zandra Nilsson:

I’ve been living in Stockholm for one year, where I spend my days writing for a communication agency. Before Stockholm I’ve spent the last ten years working and studying in various places such as Italy, the United Kingdom, Singapore, Spain and United States of America.

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Abigail Drane:

I’m a New Zealander currently working for a non-governmental organisation in a remote part of Central Asia. I’ve oversee our project portfolio of emergency health, nutrition, safe drinking water and food security projects while gathering communication content for our donors and headquarters. Most of my days are passed eating, working and sleeping on the floor as is traditional in this part of the world!

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Vesna Vukoja:

I was born in Bosnia and Herzegovina, raised in Croatia, lived in Spain, and am currently living and working in the United Kingdom. With a background in political communication and journalism, I am passionate about migration and asylum issues.

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