A bit about us

Miriam is a Spanish girl who has settled (at least for now) in Bilbao, Basque Country, after having spent her twenties studying and travelling around Europe: Bordeaux, Vienna, Brussels, Paris… She discovered her passion for development by working for international organizations and she is determined to make this vocation the purpose of her life. She has a sense of adventure and loves writing and working with people. When she is not working, you can find her playing the guitar, doing yoga or, simply, reading with a warm cup of tea. Read Miriam’s posts.


Julianne is a Dutch girl who is currently living in the city of The Hague, Netherlands. Her passion for the development field has already brought her to several unique places, such as working for a NGO in Albania, a Swedish master in Peace Negotiations and Development and to several field researches like in Armenia and Mozambique. Now she continues her adventure into the field of communication. At all times, she adores field hockey, watching movies and travelling the world. Always open to meet new people, as everyone has an unique story. Read Julianne’s posts.


Rosie is Lebanese-Swiss and has just moved back to Lebanon after having spent the last fifteen years living and working in Switzerland. She specialises in communications and marketing and is currently practicing these skills managing the Heineken portfolio in Lebanon. In her previous job, Rosie’s projects took her to Norway, Paris, Italy, London and Dubai where she explored how working in such a global landscape required a remarkable level of fluency and love of other cultures and an astute demonstration of cultural sensitiveness. Off the job, Rosie loves to be in touch with nature, jogging, hiking and skiing. Rosie is an avid reader and is curious about all talks of life. Read Rosie’s posts.


Pippa is an Aussie woman, living in Switzerland, with an enduring travel-bug. Communication was a natural extension of her curiosity, love of people and stories, and habit of talking too much. So far it has taken her around the globe, including work in Samoa, China, Guinea, Senegal, Liberia, and Trinidad and Tobago, to name a few. Pippa is continuously humbled by how much new languages, cultures and customs (and the simple art of listening) can teach her. She now works in the UN, with plans to continue down the path of humanitarian communications for as long as possible. When she’s not working or globe-trotting, she can be found in the kitchen, up a mountain, on the couch, in a forest or creek, or sitting on a verandah having a drink with friends. Read Pippa’s posts.

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