From a simple determined dream to societal feminist activism

It is common knowledge that most women who serve in the Lebanese armed forces in fact work in administrative or logistical roles. However, we have been seeing a major change during the last decade. As reported by the BBC News this month, the Lebanese armed forces top commander, General Joseph …

Of how an antiabortion decision can make Argentinians lose their patience: #AbortoLegalYa

One little girl. Only 11 years old. Raped and then, pregnant. She was obliged to have the baby, no abortion allowed. Almost 6 months of torture, of rekindling THE moment…and a caesarea. 2 suicide attemps. Who can blame her? Argentinians jumped to the streets because this was torture and Social …

Of “La Manada” Case and how Spanish legislation is bathed in sexism

An unfair verdict, disregarding the victim, her suffering. Too many proofs against five men: the perpetrators. A video, harassment and humiliation recorded, for nothing. This drove Spaniards to take the streets and the Social Media walls, just to defend her, because the judiciary system was far from doing that!

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