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Representation and social media: why it matters.

Have you heard about Greta Thunberg? If your answer is no, I would be seriously surprised. The name of the 16-year old Swedish activist that since August 2018 have been striking from school every Friday to shed light on climate … Continue reading

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When enough becomes enough in Russia

Do you remember the latest time when you got extremely mad over injustice issues? Probably you won’t reflect long on this question. In my case, it happened a couple of weeks ago when I saw different posts and comments about … Continue reading

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Gender Based Violence in South Africa #AmINext

I have been interested in gender equality almost my whole life, I think every woman has encountered a discussion about gender inequality in her life. As women I believe that it is a problem that has haunted us for generations. … Continue reading

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Once upon a time..

Once upon a time I cared about making a difference. In fourth grade I called my classmate who had made a racist comment about another classmate to tell him he did wrong. It was a boy I wouldn’t normally talk … Continue reading

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