About Us

Dear Reader,

Welcome to Conscious Citizen. We, the authors of this blog, would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves. We are four students of the Communication for Development Master’s program of Malmö University, Sweden. We have created this blog with the intention for it to be an open forum where we discuss topics related to development, activism, new media and ICT (information and communications technology). With our mixed backgrounds and experiences, we have made this blog to offer a range of insights and meaningful discussions. Though we are quite different, we have the main thing in common: we are conscious of what happens in the world, and we prefer to speak out rather than keep silent. We are sure that you, our reader, are also a conscious citizen, which is why you are here, and your input on this blog is highly appreciated. We hope to see you back here often, and together with us create an interactive platform where we discuss, learn and grow together.

The Conscious Citizen team

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Shortly about the authors of the blog:

Gabriella Johansson

I am a Swede based in Malmö, where I am currently enrolled in the Communication for Development Master’s program at Malmö university. My passion has for as long as I can remember been feminism and issues regarding women’s rights, and I have been working with several women’s rights organisations and/or projects, in Sweden and in India. I also have a background in journalism and an academic background in Gender Studies, focusing on migration and globalisation issues.

Sara Morshedi

I was born and bread in Gothenburg, Sweden and I now live in Pretoria, South Africa. I have a background in International relations and Middle eastern studies, I received my bachelor’s degree in Global Studies at the University of Gothenburg in 2017 after three years of full time studying. Today I am enrolled at the University of Malmö’s Communication for Development program where I plan on concluding my Master’s in 2020. Over the last few years I’ve also worked closely with Mandela founded Institute of Global Dialogue as well as developed a career in the field of social media and marketing.

Daria Sedikova

I am originally from Moscow, Russia, but I have recently moved to Malmö, Sweden. I received my bachelor’s degree in Linguistics nine years ago, but after travelling around the world and seeing global injustice, I have decided to find a Master’s programme that could broaden my horizons and make me more conscious of the reality we live in. This is how a completely new journey for me has begun: I started studying Communication for Development in Malmö University, moved to another country and became engaged in the work of the Swedish Red Cross. This step has been very important to me, and I really hope that it can help me make a change in the future, even if it’s gonna be a little one.

Ronja Pertoft

Half Swede, half German at the moment located in Lund, Sweden. Wanted to change the world for the better since I was little and have been active both in local politics and various non-profits. Chose a bachelor in politics but unfortunately became a tiny bit cynical and went on with a master’s in sustainable urban development, which I hoped would be a bit more tangible. However, I seem to be an activist by heart and while I’m still doing urban architecture, my soul needed some studies in communication for development as well. Meanwhile I have also been working with Comdev in Paraguay and refugee youth integration here in Sweden.