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Activism through street art with the Fearless Collective

Shortly after the 2012 New Delhi gang rape and murder of 23 year old Jyoti Singh Pandey, artist Shilo Shiv Suleman initiated the feminist movement and art collective the Fearless Collective. Fearless has ever since been using participative art and … Continue reading

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Democratization, ICT, and a quest for shared responsibility online

I would like to take this opportunity to share some thoughts on the relationship between new media, politics and democratization. Previous posts in this blog shows us numeral examples of how new media has been a powerful tool to spread … Continue reading

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ICT – enabler of gender equality or reinforcer of existing inequalities?

In the age of the digital revolution, there are numeral examples of how new media and ICT (Information and Communications Technology) can be and have been used for development and social change. Social media hashtags such as #BlackLivesMatters and #MeToo … Continue reading

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Representation and social media: why it matters.

Have you heard about Greta Thunberg? If your answer is no, I would be seriously surprised. The name of the 16-year old Swedish activist that since August 2018 have been striking from school every Friday to shed light on climate … Continue reading

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