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Will freedom of self-expression finally become real?

Could we imagine some years ago that something we post in Sweden will reach the audience in, let’s say, Latin America in a few seconds? Things that were not possible a decade ago, are absolutely normal today. Now, can we … Continue reading

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Be unique! (or why it is important to avoid being repetitive both offline and online)

Before starting, I would like to tell you that this post may be more of a philosophical nature than the others, and most probably you did not expect to read what you are about to read now. It is not … Continue reading

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What can social media offer to online activism?

Social media has become an indispensable part of our lives. If some years ago people used to turn on TV or read morning newspapers after getting up, nowadays it has been replaced by checking different social media on your smartphone. … Continue reading

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When enough becomes enough in Russia

Do you remember the latest time when you got extremely mad over injustice issues? Probably you won’t reflect long on this question. In my case, it happened a couple of weeks ago when I saw different posts and comments about … Continue reading

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