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Artificial Intelligence: can AI replace journalists?

Artificial Intelligence: can AI replace journalists?

The journalism industry is highly dependent on technology. From communicating instantly with news sources or generating first hand-hand content with images, videos or text forms; the publication of content across an increasing selection of channels is emerging from day to day in our globalized and increasing digital world. New forms of online media become the mainstream – even relying on computers for their distribution. The increasing technology is changing the way that news and journalism is done. And what about news organizations that increasingly use Artificial Intelligence (AI), to produce and publish their news coverages? Can AI replace our journalists?

Like is mentioned in the video of Al Jazeera above, content and news organizations are making increasing use of AI systems. Either to cover data from multiple source or to automatically summarize the data into articles or supporting research for the articles. Algorithms are used to find patterns in textual data to find useful information that accurate with summaries of the data inside the texts. Using advanced algorithms benefits news agencies to use enormous quantities of data for press releases, blog posts, social media posts, images, videos etc. Data for breaking news developments can quickly speed up generating the content for the specific situation or event that is taken place in the world. Human man hours could not compensate the speed of finding the data.

The Washington Post is for example now using the Heliograf, what generates entire articles from quantitative data for example. The Heliograf is an in-house automated storytelling technology what is creating hyperlocal coverages. Stories are automatically updated each week and shared on the The Post’s Twitter account. Other news organizations like The Guardian are also using AI to generated press releases, general reports and articles. But is AI taking over the reporters or is it only a great resource to help finding the data for news coverages? Like is mentioned in the video above, AI systems can benefit journalists but a human touch, creativity or personal writing is still required. Though the question is whether computer robots are not able to do so after a while, when new technological advancements are made?

There are already algorithms with mimic styling of existing writers and models for variances between different authors. These algorithms generate different articles using different styles. But again if there is no proof of evidence of the data claimed what is used in the news article? Do the technological advancements then outweigh the speed and trustworthiness of the data? Perhaps journalists will stay around no matter how much technology changes? The future impact of AI might be uncertain but has its potential to inform newsrooms on specific data or deeper in-depth forms of reporting, though trustworthiness and fact tracking still remains the issue.

What do you think? Can AI will take over journalists in the near future?

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