We are four master students currently studying Communication for Development at Malmö University in Sweden.

All of us are located elsewhere in Europe including Great Britain, the Netherlands, Sweden and Switzerland. We are practitioners in the field of ComDev and/ or have a close relationship with the field and like to share our insights, knowledge and points of discussion to start a lively debate with you.

We all have interests in different areas of ComDev, hence we will all be writing about different topics, but with ICT4D as a core component.

If you are passing by, please leave a nice comment. Or just a comment. We also like when people disagree with us!


About us



Welcome at this blog site. My name is Marijke Boven and originally from the North of the Netherlands. In my daily life I am employed at a teacher at a university and working as a Communication Advisor. My interest lies in development work, journalism, photography, international relations and teaching myself in an International Business study programme. I worked in several places overseas, what gave me different perspectives on Communication for Development, especially regarding journalism, the aid industry and volunteerism.



I am Andrea and I graduated in Social Communication-Journalism in Brazil, where I am originally from.  After working in the field for a couple of years I’ve moved to the UK and also away from working directly with Journalism.  Currently I work with project management which includes some stakeholder engagement and communication strategies.  I also have a MSc in Renewable Energy and Resources Management and I am interested in social change, particularly via promoting self sustainability and education.



My name is Rebecca and I’m half British half Italian, currently living in Switzerland. I have a degree in Peace and Conflict Studies, a passion for the sky, and I am an activist by nature. I’m currently Head of Communications and Outreach for a small but ambitious NGO in Geneva.

Hello Everybody!

As a part of our blog presentation, I got to say something about myself. It proved to be the hardest task as we all know ourselves so well that it becomes difficult to decide from where to start. Let me give a try to find out what is kind of image you can picture through my self-description. I hope it won’t be a different impression on myself and the impression you built for me.

My full name is Masudur Rahaman and currently living in Stockholm. I am working as a Senior Consultant för CGI here in Stockholm. I am a very positive person in life and love to explore new things. I love traveling, sports and spend quality time with my family. I am the father of two kids and my wife is a pre-school teacher. I thought it would be challenging to work and study at the same time. After joining this master’s program I found out most of us are doing the same and that gave me a great boost and motivation to continue with my study.

Although I have long IT background, this is the first time I am writing any blog. While writing a blog I got to understand how blogging is different than other assignments. Working with my current group is the best thing that happened during this course. My group never let me think that I am a new person for blogging. Thank you Group 1! I hope we will continue our good work in the university as well as in life.