Community video for health awareness and prevention

The world is suffering of a pandemic that many generations never experienced before. This is mobilizing people everywhere to contribute to the general awareness raising campaign to control 2019-nCoV and prevent for further expanding in the world.

Communities are also concerned and they cannot be sided on this campaign. ICT4D brings them useful tools to effectively sensitize and reach to populations everywhere, calling them to take measures and follow recommendations for the disease prevention.

This video produced in a South African community has become viral and it stimulates effectively people to protect themselves of the 2019-nCoV, following the recommendations from the World Health Organization and other credible sources of information.

Indeed, it is a helpful tool dispel panic and false rumours about the disease, while encouraging to take action for prevention measures, such as hand washing.

Community video using ICTs is able to mobilize people and promote positive behaviors, practices and attitudes for health awareness and prevention.

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