The Sultan’s harem in the technological era

A gloomy day. It is raining in the hot and dry desert of Jeddah, the Islamic capital of Saudi Arabia. For local people it is a perfect weather to celebrate, but not for her, princess Mishaal bint Fahd. She was blindfolded, forced to kneel in the public square where dozens of people are gathered to assist to her execution because she had tried to leave the country without her father’approval, with Khaled, her future husband. Continue reading “The Sultan’s harem in the technological era”

The effects of ICT4D in Disability Activism

In my previous blog posts, the emphasis was on the role and impact of social media, viral campaigns, hashtags and mobile applications in the context of digital activism. In my final post of this series, however, I will focus on disability activism and how it is influenced by ICT4D, while elaborating on some of the main points previously addressed and including some of the extracts of several interviews conducted with members of disability activism in Spain.

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Media Manipulation, Disinformation, Fake News and the Alt-Right

Interestingly, this morning Donald Trump tweeted about fake news.

Tweets by Donald Trump on Saturday 28th March 2020

Even though the concept of fake news has been with us for hundreds of years, possibly thousands, the term and online phenomenon boomed during the run up to the US presidential election in 2016. Trump became king of fake news, memes and the use of twitter to communicate obscene and untrue messages. Continue reading “Media Manipulation, Disinformation, Fake News and the Alt-Right”