The effects of ICT4D in Disability Activism

In my previous blog posts, the emphasis was on the role and impact of social media, viral campaigns, hashtags and mobile applications in the context of digital activism. In my final post of this series, however, I will focus on disability activism and how it is influenced by ICT4D, while elaborating on some of the main points previously addressed and including some of the extracts of several interviews conducted with members of disability activism in Spain.

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#QuedateEnCasa campaign´s outreach – mediated interaction in NICTs

In my first blog post I talked about The Coronavirus and the sense of fear. The post was published one month ago, when #IAmNotAVirus became a viral campaign through social media platforms, fighting against discrimination, misinformation and the known as “fear state”. Today, schools, parks, universities, theatres, cinemas, restaurants and events are being cancelled and shut down all around the globe. Adding to these measures, there is also the imposed access control on shoppers entering grocery stores, the increased demand for food supplies and the empty streets in most of the cities around the world. Continue reading “#QuedateEnCasa campaign´s outreach – mediated interaction in NICTs”

Digital activism in the urban cycling movement

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In my previous blog post, I talked about the power of digital media to get relevant audiences to listen, interact and get involved in a new social movement. Today I will dig into the potential of new digital platforms, such as Chat Apps, when talking about social activism and urban cycling. Continue reading “Digital activism in the urban cycling movement”

Cycling Without Age – A ride with no final destination

Cycling Without Age (CWA) is an international movement that spreads happiness among the elderly community and the whole society thanks to the power of social media storytelling. Founded in Copenhagen eight years ago, this social project is now represented in 47 countries, having more than one million members on board.

Have you ever imagined yourself cycling with 90 years old? Let me tell you how this can be possible but first, let’s briefly go through the history of this international movement. 

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“I am not a virus, I am a human being” The Coronavirus and the Sense of fear

Campaign #IAmNotAVirus in Spain, TWITTER | @ANTONIOLIUYANG

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