The Sultan’s harem in the technological era

A gloomy day. It is raining in the hot and dry desert of Jeddah, the Islamic capital of Saudi Arabia. For local people it is a perfect weather to celebrate, but not for her, princess Mishaal bint Fahd. She was blindfolded, forced to kneel in the public square where dozens of people are gathered to assist to her execution because she had tried to leave the country without her father’approval, with Khaled, her future husband. Continue reading “The Sultan’s harem in the technological era”

Campaigns, links and contents I liked, March 2020

“Fratelli d’Italia”,  the Italian national anthem is topping the list of songs played and sung from windows across the country.  The “Balcony music” campaign has been unifying people in Italy amid the Coronavirus outbreak. Is it the beginning of a new era of social and advocacy movements? Continue reading “Campaigns, links and contents I liked, March 2020”

To the memory of Lina Ben Mhenni, the woman who blogged the Jasmine Revolution

Since the 2010-2011 Tunisian uprisings, much has been said about the determinant role of the Internet and social media.  Lina Ben Mhenni, the young Tunisian women blogger and social rights activist, has denounced the violence of Ben Ali’s authoritarian regime and confronted police impunity with her sick body, her extraordinary courage, her fierce independence and perseverance. So, who is the real protagonist,  the activist or technology? Continue reading “To the memory of Lina Ben Mhenni, the woman who blogged the Jasmine Revolution”

Do you hear the people sing?

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Saturday, October 19, 2019. The third day of the popular mobilisation movement which crosses all of Lebanon including Tripoli, the second largest in the country and a vibrant center of protest. It is about 6 p.m., the shades of night are falling on the city, people’s movements begin to slow down, though the young DJ Madi K is preparing to ignite the night!  Continue reading “Do you hear the people sing?”

Out of sight, Out of mind …Out of existence!

What if 1978’ world cup, held in Argentina, weren’t broadcasted on international televisions? What if the Madres de Plaza de Mayo didn’t carry signs with photos of their children, protested and cried in front of these TV cameras to ask help from the international community in order to stop the injustice and the oppression that they were enduring under the dictatorship of their government? Continue reading “Out of sight, Out of mind …Out of existence!”