Meet the Authors

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Margarida Teixeira

Margarida is a feminist activist working with both grassroots feminist groups and established women’s organizations in Portugal and Europe. With a background in Cinema, Philosophy and Human Rights, she is particularly interested in ending sexual exploitation of women and girls in all its forms and seizing upon innovative and gender sensitive ways of communication to do so.

Amanda Rubio

Amanda is a freelance communications’ consultant who focuses on environmental issues. She has worked with Green Exchange, GAIA and Breaking Free From Plastic on diverse parts of their communication outreach, branding and implementing new media strategies.

Currently, Amanda is EcoAgriculture Partner’s communication intern and is excited about interactive and dynamic ways of communication aimed at making the debate surrounding climate change more engaging and inclusive for minorities. Amanda is one of the founders of Castellar Pueblo, a sustainable living project.

Celia Sanchez-Valladares Barahona

Celia Sánchez-Valladares Barahona is a person who is constantly excited to learn new things and contribute to making the world a better place! She graduated in journalism and social integration and has collaborated with non-governmental organizations such as ONGD, Emmaus Stockholm and Het Wereldhuis, an organization that supports undocumented migrants living in The Netherlands.

Currently, Celia is Ashoka´s communication intern and she is passionate about digging into new ICTs and its contribution to the empowerment of people with functional diversities.


Sam Waterton - smiling on a beach

Sam Waterton

Sam Waterton is a UNICEF Communications Officer in New York specialising in social media. His current campaigns advocate for the protection of children affected by conflict, natural disasters, public health emergencies and climate change. Previously, Sam worked as a Digital Editor in London at BBC Media Action. In addition to studying for a masters in Communication for Development, Sam holds a bachelor’s degree in International Relations. He is interested in harnessing social media for C4D, environmental and social justice issues.

Nabila Zayati photo for the blog Activism through the senses

Nabila Zayati

Mediterranean Region is her home, journalism is her passion, and  strategic communications her profession.  Currently working for the leading Italian news agency ANSA, Nabila has been dedicating her professional career to develop and manage media and communication projects in different countries for national and international companies and organisations in the Euro-Arab Region. Her huge passion for professional challenges, in order to meet ever-changing global development goals, is her motivation’s engine to study for the master Communication for Development (ComDev) at Malmö University . Nabila holds a bachelor degree in Information and Communication sciences, a Master in International Relations, an MBA degree,  and a training diploma from Al-Jazeera Media Center.  She is also a member of the National Order of journalists in Italy.