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We are second-year students of the Communication for Development Master studies at Malmö University. One of our assignments is to run a blog on new media, ICT and development and we have chosen the interesting topic of Social Media, Datafication and Development. All of us believe that the advancement we see in these sectors today will come to change the way we interact for decades to come. Follow our thoughts as we explore the subjects deeper and don’t hesitate to share your two cents!

So who are we, the ones behind this blog? Meet…


Dovile is a devoted student and learner of society, with extreme curiosity and passion for positive social change, psychology, IT and human interaction. Having a humanist mindset, she analyses various pertinent affairs through a compassionate lens. For the past several years Dovile has been working with IT and communications for several international companies and organisations.


Miriam has a long interest in peacebuilding, global justice and human rights. Her initial passion for learning languages has developed into a deepened interest in how different discourses form our ways of viewing the world. Inclusion and participation for Miriam are keywords for creating communication for development.

The last five years she has been working in Mexico in creating protection for human right defenders and in Sweden as a communications officer at a study association founded by Muslim organizations where a majority of the target group are being discriminated. Both experiences have led to much frustration, but one of her strengths is canalizing that same frustration into something creative and proactive and to contest discriminating discourses.


Safi is a lobbyist and educator, enthusiastic about everything education, development and communication-related.
With experience in social media and strategic communications, Safi has an ever-growing curiosity for digital advancements, disinformation and the new forms of online culture and participation.


Zivile is a marketing and communications professional who works in the cybersecurity field and is specializing in change communications, information security and cyberculture building. During her time in the sector, Zivile has developed a particular interest in the impact ICT growth has had in various parts of the world. 

Victoria is passionate about communication for social change and has experience working in a Latin American context, in international NGO’s and in activist surroundings. Starting out working with women’s and children’s rights in Honduras and Nicaragua, both positive and negative aspects of the internet and social media were part of the reality. Later on, working in communication and digital security with human rights defenders in Mexico sparked her interest in digital activism.


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