“NUDGED” logo: IT coaxing our brains

Starting this blog – a project of our Communication for Development Masters program at Malmö University, we faced the first dilemma: None of us is a designer and we cannot pay a designer for this assignment – apologies to our dear designer friends. Yet, we want to visualize the idea of this blog in a logo.

NUDGED is a blog on how new digital technology (Big Data, AI, algorithms, etc.) influences us individually and as societies, with a focus on development and democracy in the Global South. This is what I tried to convey in the logo. Those were my first drafts. Which one would you have chosen? You can vote for one option on twitter or leave your reply below!

This is the idea which captivated us most: The brain-shaped icon is made of golden lines and points resembling circuits – a reference to AI. Below it, NUDGED is written as in a hand-made painting – representing the offline world. The connection between the two elements is made by the distortion of both the last letters and the icon edge – which signals that reality has been (sometimes awkwardly) reshaped by digital technologies and vice versa. Our moto appears below it all: “Big Data, small people”. Originally, the background color was a black noise texture, another reference to information and communication technology (ICT). 

NUDGED logo: technology nudging reality.
Original NUDGED logo: technology nudging reality.


After setting up the blog, we realized that we had to change the logo colors to fit the blog’s background and visual clarity.

NUDGED logo: technology nudging reality.
Final NUDGED logo: technology nudging reality.

So, how do you like the final version? Do you have any ideas to improve it? 

PS: If this was not an assignment for us, we would definitely reach out for a professionally designed – and payed for – logo. There are lots of reasons why designers should be doing this, so let’s value their work accordingly.


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