Right to information in South Africa

When in 2010, a network of freedom of speech activists across South Africa came together to fight the Secrecy Bill, the Right2Know Campaign was born. It developed into a movement centred on freedom of expression within three different focus areas: Right to Protest, Communication Rights and Participatory democracy.

I’m meeting with Nomacebo Mbayo, WC Administrator and activist of the Right2Know Campaign, located in the vibrant community house in Cape Town, South Africa. Mbayo tells us more about the importance and reason for the existence of the Right2Know Campaign, the RICA case, access to information and the awareness of misuse of data in South Africa.


“We are a democratic, activist-driven campaign that strengthens and unites citizens to raise public awareness, mobilise communities and undertake research and targeted advocacy that aims to ensure the free flow of information necessary to meet people’s social, economic, political and ecological needs and live free from want, in equality and in dignity.”


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