The new digital age: Who is preparing the next Gen?

Children consider access to digital media a fundamental right. But they are also the most vulnerable when it comes to online exposure and hardly ever mentioned as a specific group in the broader conversation. How are we preparing children for a world they born in to and can we somehow weapon them for digital perils?

In the name of National Security

Governments are increasingly collecting our data without giving us the possibility to inquire or appeal, and even leave the decision-making up to algorithms. How can we question authorities and make them accountable for decisions that violate human rights?

Democracy on social platforms: balanced well enough?

Internet has connected people all over the world as never before. Besides, it has enhanced commercial, corporate and political connections, which create more freedom in different spheres. This is the kind of universal democracy hosted by Internet via social connections and social media. But do we have a total democracy on social platforms?

Are you Nudged?! How Pokemon Go is actually playing us

According to Shoshana Zuboff, the popular augmented reality game Pokémon Go is deliberately implemented for commercial profit, at the expense of unaware citizens. She calls it “Surveillance Capitalism”, a bunch of algorithms that apparently completely consume us. Is the 99% now controlled by the tech-savvy 1%?

Please stop the Earth, I’ll get off

I have weird relations with Big data and all digital socialization in particular.
After my masters studies on International Business Administration in 2008 I have completely switched off from all the themes that were not directly related to my work or private life. Then one day I have decided to dig a little bit into what people are talking so much about and what seems to be in focus today. The more I started to read and analyse, the more I felt: “Please stop the Earth, I’ll get off!”.