Seminar with Dr. Minna Lundgren

Dr. Minna Lundgren, Mid Sweden University, Department of Social Sciences, TEMAG: Abkhazia: Migration Memories and Contested Belongings.


Abkhazia, de jure an autonomous republic within the Georgan Republic, proclaimed independence in 1999 and is today functioning as a de facto independent state under Russian patronage. Abkhazia has been an object of study in numerous studies from several disciplines such as political science, peace and conflict studies, law, and economics. However, apart from reports from international organizations, only a few studies have a micro level focus on the people who are living in Abkhazia today. People whose lives are affected by unresolved conflict, unrecognized statehood, political isolation, economic blockade, and restricted mobility. In this presentation Minna Lundgren will therefore aim to explore three interconnected themes connected to everyday life experiences of people living in Abkhazia or claiming a right to do so: 1. Abkhazia as a migration nexus – a point of departure and of return; 2. Abkhazia as a locus of disputed belongings, and 3. Abkhazia as a riskscape, a landscape embedded with different layers of risk, that affects people differently depending on an unequal distribution of power. I will draw on material from fieldwork in the region from 2012 to 2017.

When: May 21, 15.15-17.00

Where: Malmö University, Nordenskiöldgatan 1, Niagara building, Conference room on the 9th floor. Since this seminar will take place in a part of the building with limited public access, RUCARR personnel will be available in the lobby area on the bottom floor of the Niagara building (in front of the C elevators) at 15.00 sharp, to meet and accompany you to the location.

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