Hello FPA students Dar es Salaam. Greetings from Malmö, Sweden

by Anders Hög Hansen on March 23, 2012

Dear all involved students and teachers in Dar

Thanks very much for your interesting introductions. 3 groups have been formed at the Media and Communication Studies program here at School of Arts and Communication in Malmö. They are preparing their work as we speak and will introduce themselves and their themes early next week.

They look very much forward to communicate with students in Dar

Project themes may develop over the next days, but I can reveal that the following ideas were debated yesterday:

Group 1 Jamming in the City – visual picture book exploring graffiti culture in Malmö. How does Malmö express themselves, their subculture etc in Graffiti practices. The group will get in touch with a former student who just published a book on graffiti in Malmö. They will also do short film, documentary interviews, with graffiti making youth and translate them for Dar students to comment. One student may focus on art as emotion, doing an ethnography on a few artists everyday life, and how the process of art making happens before the finished ‘work’ is in place.

Group 2 Tales of My Roots and Routes – on lifestyle and environment, documenting every day life and culture, here the notion of tribe in a Swedish context will be explored, with questions for Dar students what’ tribe’ means in Tanzania

Group 3 From the Village to the City – will work with youth who has moved from the village to the city and also with a second group of travelers remaining in the village or suburbs but coming often in the city. The focus will be on qualitative interviews and with group interview sessions as methods

We wish you all a nice weekend. Next weekend the groups in Malmö will present themselves and introduce their work (and how it is developing).

All the best


(Anders Høg Hansen, teacher in Media and Communication Studies in Malmö)





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