Youth struggling for better lives

by Ylva Ekström on March 23, 2012

For our Radio Drama production about Youth in Transition, we have chosen to focus on the theme “Youth struggling for better lives and particularly focused on how this struggle may lead them to dilemmas”. We will use House Girls as a specific example of a group of youth which are moving from the village to the city in search for a better life, but often end up in dilemma of various kinds. Through our pre-production research we are going to find out about the dilemmas they face as well as to discuss measures to bring social change or empowering this group of youth.

The methods we will use for our research are the following:
(a) Observations
(b) Interviews
Through these methods the focused group are going to be interviewed and observed so that they could provide the information that is useful in producing a Radio Drama about them. Moreover, it is through the interviews we will choose and train some of the characters to be used as cast for the drama, as a way of making the production participatory.

Research questions:
(a) What are House Girls imaginations of Dar Es Salaam before going there?
(b) What are the factors that make them fail to fulfill their desires?
(c) Why do most of the House Girls end up regretting coming to Dar Es Salaam?

We would like this Radio Drama to be broadcasted on TBC Radio, which is the only Tanzanian radio station that reaches the whole country. Our goal is to make girls throughout the country dreaming of going to Dar es Salaam aware of the dilemmas for House Girls, their rights, as well as that there are other ways through which they can achieve their goals.

We look forward to your comments! Warmly welcome!
/Group 1: Yustina, Hamad, Octavian, Bonnoventure, Eda, Mremi, Adamu, Eveline and Happy


Kimaya, Hamad I April 5, 2012 at 8:15 am

It seems that most of the young girls moving from rural areas to the city, have the idea that because of their level of education to become a house girl is there only opportunity. But this is not true at all, there is other works that does not require people with high level of education. tchaoooooooooooooo…………!!!!!!!!!

YUSTINA SILLO R April 12, 2012 at 10:34 pm

We have to lean on how to struggle for the life no pain no sweet, as a human being must pass alot of challenges and to avoid means to die. but all and all must know how to fight for their right as well government must impliment the policy inorder each one means owners and housegirls to play their part so it can lead to respect as well may people can see that is the value job.thank you.

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