Youth in Transition – group 3 from MAH

by Kajsa Hägg on March 30, 2012

We are Group 3 from Malmö Högskola of Youth in Transition. We have chosen to work with  the avenue From the Village to the City and we will be looking upon what the city of Malmö is doing to attract youngster to move to Malmö. Our main question is: “What attracts young people from other parts of Sweden to move to Malmö?” We will be interviewing people working in this area, as well as young people living in the city. We plan on using biographical interviews, focus groups and also quantitative methods.

Malmö is the third biggest city of Sweden, famous for it’s rich cultural life, innovative design and the Öresund bridge which has made it easier for Swedes to travel to Denmark and also the rest of the European continent. The city is also known to be a messy place with a lot of crime, and this stereotype is often debated in media as well as among the common people.

Malmö is a located in the southern parts of Sweden, which are characterized by flat landscapes, big fields and many villages. We think that it’s a great place to study the travels of young adults from the country side to the city. Most of us in this group also share this experience which we think is a big advantage.

We’re looking forward to be working with you all!

Felicia, Marina, Anja, Simon, Carolin and Kajsa


charles kayoka April 2, 2012 at 9:20 pm

i look forward to reading your reports on the village-urban movement. i grew up partly in rural areas, too. I share that experience as well.

kayoka charles April 19, 2012 at 12:47 pm

what if this story on Malmo has, with it, a picture or two of important land marks so that your counterparts in Dar get a visual glimpes of the city.
you haven’t explained on the methodology is a few simple details

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