From the village to the city – Malmö

by Felicia Lidberg Collinder on April 26, 2012


Hej and Hujambo everybody!

Here comes our brochure which is the final result of our long research of what’s making Malmö attractive to youngsters.
We hope that the link below works properly and that you’ll enjoy the reading!

Best regards,
Anja, Felicia, Marina, Kajsa, Carolin and Simon

Click here to read the brochure.

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Eric May 4, 2012 at 3:53 pm

Hi. Some comments on the brochure:

I think you found a decent balance between grounding the text with several theoretical approaches, while still keeping it readable for the general reader. The quotes from Richard Florida and Yi-Fu Tuan are a nice example of this.

Starting with the “Our main idea and goals” is a good way to begin the brochure and you make it clear what you are trying to achieve.

The “importance of place” section, with its question of how something becomes a “place”, is a very nice opener into the main theme of the brochure.

The “most important places in Malmö” section could be improved. The data that you gathered could have been more clearly represented with some kind of visualization of the 58 responses you received, including the breakdown across the three different groups. In addition, the short texts that you wrote for each location don’t add that much additional information.

It was good that you managed to get an interview with the City Hall developer, but you might have presented a bit more of Norberg’s own voice in the form of a few direct quotes. Otherwise this section is helpful in the way it presents a summary of the City Hall’s perspective of Malmö.

The three interviews with youth of Malmö are excellent. Here you do an excellent job of transcribing the interviews and capturing the voice of your interviewees. This is the heart and soul of the brochure and it really speaks for the young person’s perspective. Using the auto-photography method to further capture their view of the city also really adds to these interviews. Great job!

It feels like the “mental maps” section is a bit of a missed opportunity. You don’t really give any analysis of the maps other than saying they are very different. This could have been further developed and explained to the reader.

The summary does a decent job of highlighting the main methods and themes of your findings. Emphasizing the importance of place and how the tourist home page doesn’t quite capture all of the places that people told you were important is a good point.

So all in all a good job in putting this together in such a short space of time. You tried out several different techniques but still managed to form a relatively coherent whole for the brochure. That isn’t easy!

One question: Did you submit the final blog submission in which I believe you are supposed to give your reflections on the project as a whole?

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