“group 2” Oskar Majewski’s autoethnographic photo-essay

by Oskar Majewski on April 26, 2012


Hi everybody!

Here is my finished work, an analytic photo-essay about myself, and the different layers of transitional identities in urban space:


And if the pdf is not working then here is a blog where you can click the pictures to enlarge them:


Anders Hög Hansen May 2, 2012 at 3:10 pm

Hi Oscar,
In addition to the comments already given at the oral exam seminar, I will add that you manage well to apply a media and communication and cultural studies perspective on your daily habitual routes and spaces in this photo essay. You do it in a communicative, essayistic and reflective language (with some referencing, but kept in a modest amount, suitable for the genre).
There are many subtle and interesting points, the ‘extraction of a route’ (Vietnam flag); the view of yourself as ‘the tenant’ (also on a broader level, not just in that particular flat); the elaborations of the flatshare kitchen as a sort of (semi?) public sphere; the bicycling citizen in opposition to cars; the consumerist westerner with his shopping backs, and the ‘worker, given a tie’. All sub-stories in the essay portray different positions of power as well as different identifications making up an identity. They all point towards the core issue of routing or fragments/parts making up an identity. They unfold a story about idenity as not finished, in movement, yet there are clear organizating points or places and people of importance, whether privately or in public (as work and university). Yes, you have indeed been ‘working with routes’, which becomes clearer towards the end where the labyrinth university space mirrors the subject area, in your interpretation, and where the label ‘the hipster’ also comes to refer to, or fit well into, the work with routes, your essay had unfolded.
All the best

Oskar Majewski May 7, 2012 at 10:46 am

Wonderful to hear, so does this mean I pass? Godkänt?

ashiru rauph July 25, 2012 at 1:31 pm

You guys i do appreciate on what you did to insure that the youth in all over the world live at required manner.thanks again but don give up because any an certainties be your self pleas and continue to help the youth.

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